RISE Developmental Soccer

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Dinomites (Ages 3&4) will play 3v3 games. At practices, they follow the Dinomites soccer curriculum based on a special soccer ball that uses Imagination and Play to help kids learn proper touch points. Dinomites soccer curriculum uses imagination and play to help kids learn soccer, and uses a special soccer ball to help them learn proper touch points.
Practices once/week at scheduled day & time decided on by your Team/Coach.

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Premiere Division (Ages 5&6) will play 3v3 games. At practices, they follow the Imagineers curriculum based on exploring the wonders of the world of soccer while learning proper soccer skills.

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International Division (Ages 7+) will play 3v3 + goalie. At practices they
follow the Aces curriculum revolving around Individual Skills and developing Team Play, while keeping it FUN.

Soccer Contact Information



Stephen Gray
Soccer Director
972-772-9061 ext 223



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