DASH New Customer Registration

All participants must create a DASH profile and sign the liability waiver before participating in any event.

How to Register

Access DASH by clicking the DASH Online button or HERE.

When to Register

Being an Indoor Sports Facility means you have access to sports all year round.

  • Event notification – DASH will email you two days before any event, game, or practice you are participate in to remind you of the time and location.
  • Field Availability – View our calendar to see what events are taking place on that day. You must call the office to schedule a practice.
  • Team Manager Communication – Managers can email players from their page as long as they are the designated team manager. Managers can also view balances that are due.
  • Register – Teams and players can register for all of our programs.

How to Use “DASH Online”

After you Register you can click the HERE to
log in and use DASH Online.

  • Check Schedules
  • View Standings and Stats

Watch the video below for instructions on how to use DASH Online.

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