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Our mission is to teach young athletes to play basketball at a highly competitive level. We believe in giving them a firm foundation in the many individual skills required to be a strong basketball player.

Equally important, our coaches teach their players to use these skills effectively as a team. While our goal is to field teams that can compete at the regional and national level, we also field local developmental area teams.

We are hopeful that our players, at every level, will consistently demonstrate continued improvement over time.

  • All players will be placed on teams where all players are equal in skill. Beginner players will be placed with beginner players, intermediate with more skilled players and so on.
  • All NEW and RETURNING players must attend one of the scheduled placement clinics.
  • If you miss both dates for any reason, we will place you in a practice for a try out to see where your child will fit best. This is only if we have available spots and after placement of players who did attend the clinic.
  • All current rosters will be cleared out and anyone who does not attend one of the placement clinics will not be placed even if you are a returning player.
  • We will not take requests to place players together on the same team unless they have equal skill level.
  • We will be offering a competitive and recreational level in all age groups except the 7/8u coed.
  • All registered girls’ teams will be playing in the boys divisions. However, we will allow a team to play down one age group if needed. If enough girl’s teams register in the same age group, we will not need to do this.

Player placement dates are located on the home page of

**Players Need To Bring a Basketball**

*A $100.00 dollar deposit is due at time of placement clinic to ensure roster spot is secured

*Team RISE Academy Fee

Blue package – $200 (includes 4 practices weekly per month)

This is the player that has the desire to grow and become more mature, advanced, and skilled within the game. However, they do not like the growing pains of the process: for example, getting blown out every weekend and choosing not to return because they are not bigger, faster, or stronger then the outside competition. Therefore, we have them play against other kids that have the same mindsets in game-like scrimmages. The best part is they still get the four workouts a week to get the experience of getting better and improving as a player. Those four workouts include speed training, agility, strength, team concepts, and, last but not least on court skill. They will still get to compete on Friday night and play the game they love against the players that chose the blue package with them. The season is one month long.

Gold package – Additional $40 (includes 4 practices weekly per month and 2 tournaments)

Players will be selected/invited by our coaches to participate in our Gold Academy. These players want to be a part of the select group that is superior, in terms of ability or qualities, to the rest of the basketball society. They don’t mind the challenge on the weekend or the growing pains it takes to get there. Their goals and ambitions as a basketball player outweighs their feelings of being defeated. No matter how bad the outcome is, they are ready to comeback and continue the process.  They also get four workouts a week which includes speed training, agility, strength, team concepts, and, last but not least, on court skill. They will also compete on weekends in tournaments with their Gold Team members and welcome outside competition from the best teams around the area that have a similar mindset.  This package includes a 4-game guarantee which Is broken down in two tourneys over the season, which last one month. Once a player is selected, a payment of $40.00/player/month must be paid immediately.

*Full monthly fee  must be paid in full by end of the first week.

* $25 for player id card (yearly membership – good from date of purchase)

* All new players must purchase a $35.00 uniform

For more RISE Basketball Academy Information:

Call 972-772-9061  or

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Jawan Nelson
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